I'll admit it, I'm a little worried

I've been reading all the natural hair blogs for a quite a while now and they've helped me immensely. The only thing that they aren't able to help me with at the moment is my attitude towards my hair. All the transitioners I've read about thus far seem to all have been in love with their natural hair before relaxing and simply didn't have the time or energy to deal with their, or hated the way their hair looked curly.

I sympathise with the styling but I feel so far that I'm on another level... I'm a serial comb snapper. My mum once  split her nail trying to braid my hair. Learning that combing your hair wet saves a lot of the pain was such a wonderful discovery but I worry that when my hair gets longer that I'll give up.

Have any of you had similar experiences?

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  1. Don't worry, everybody moves at different speeds :) I never had a problem with my hair as such, I just hated dealing with it. Using comb with too small teeth, continually drying my hair out...aish! and the breakage O_O Maaaaaaaan, my hair broke, combs broke, I nearly broke!

    My aunt broke a comb just a couple of months ago doing my hair, so I've just forgone combs for now. My fingers will do.

    Overcoming the obstacles for me came by focusing on why I was doing this - to stop the scabs, the breakage, to prove a point, because I hated relaxing.
    And in the end, I decided that whatever came out of my scalp was better than whatever was in the Dark and Lovely relaxer box.