Why does no one else call them singles?

I now have single plaits - or box braids to seemingly the rest of the world - for the time being so no hair experiments but it's a hell of a lot less hassle. You can see them in my profile picture. My hair is too short for simple pinned up styles and that seems to be where my talent lies...

At the minute I just wash them once a week with leftover Avalon Organics Lavender Shampoo and Tresemmé Naturals Vibrantly Smoothing Conditioner but I'm in no position to see how it affects my actual hair. Ho hum.

This post isn't very interesting if I just talk about my hair at the minute. So life stuff! Back to university and again I feel the first flushes of enthusiasm for the term's work which is brilliant and I will hopefully maintain this time. Also the Terrifying Spectre of Examination looms high above all proceedings but I suppose that if I work hard from now until the end of term I should be fine. All my society stuff seems to be going swimmingly so far; President of our university's Stop the Traffik group (which works to stop human traffiking) and still trying too start up an upcycling group (which repurposes stuff that would otherwise go to landfill).

That's all I have to say for now.

How have you been?


I'm now fully natural (ish)

Hello everyone!

I've horribly neglected this blog (November; whoops!) but I'm going to blog a lot more now. To be fair I wasn't really doing much with my hair at that time; despairing that I couldn't get my relaxed ends to conform to what I wanted and more often that not just whacking a scarf on my head so I didn't have to think about it.

Well no more! I cut as much of the relaxer off as I could - from the front and sides anyway since I cut myself with my scissors when I wasn't paying attention (shut up you it isn't funny) and then stopped - when I took out my braids and so far I like what I see! From what I can tell my hair is pretty healthy and it's actually soft. Wonder of wonders.

So I BC'd 27/2/12 seeing as I feel I should write it down for future reference. ^_^ My last relaxer was on the 23rd December 2010 so I transitioned for over two years... Never conquered transition styles in that time unfortunately. :/ Everyone makes it look so damn easy but I clearly am neither handy nor dandy with these things.

Not very long yet but I will wait and see! I've seen pictures from when I was young and springy and my hair was huge so I have high hopes. Currently I have a bantu knot out setting on my head for bed. Last time I tried this on my transitioning hair it was failtastic - the curl didn't set in the relaxed portion at all so it just looked limp and weird. We shall see.

I also realised I have no pictures of my hair on the site, another huge fail. I will remedy this when I think my hair is suitably good/bad looking to show you. If you aren't going to be impressed or appalled it's a waste of both our time right?

'Til next time sports fans.