Argh?! A Tiger in Hampshire?

Terrifying! Or about as terrifying as a toy can be, anyway (well, almost). I haven't got much to say about this really, other than it was pretty hilarious and as such I feel it should be recorded for all prosperity, as a gift to generations before the melted polar ice caps juices fold over our heads.... I digress - digress quite horribly - I should be proud that my adopted county springs to the defence of its citizens so readily, sending a helicopter and tranquilliser darts after a stuffed animal.

It kind of makes me depressed in light of other instances when the police took their sweet time and it had repercussions but surely this is the start of a new era of lightning fast, over zealous responses?

In any case I guess it's not completely ridiculous, peacocks escape all the time and aren't seen until they turn up in people's gardens, but somehow I think a tiger is a bit more attention grabbing.


Politics and the rise of apathy

Well the AV votes have rolled in like the evening tide and predictably enough NO seems well set to win. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you'd probably be better off going here or typing AV into you tube. I'd have nothing very well researched by way of  explanation.

Done? The whole situation annoys because although I didn't vote the lack of difference it'd make upsets me. I left my passport at home and wasn't sure which end my poll card would end up at anyway and by the time I realised when the polling was and that I hadn't got a card it was too late... Which sucked. In any case my tinny shout of 'yes' against a crashing wave wouldn't have made much of a difference.

The point of this is that I never feel properly informed. Any political decision that I make feels hasty, spiteful or improperly formed. I guess it's good that I care, if you'll forgive me a slight air of pretence, but caring and feeling informed enough to make a good decision are completely different things.

And yes, spiteful, I said spiteful, mostly because of the slightly stilted internal dance I did when I discovered Cleggy lost a good deal of seats (slightly marred by Cameron's triumph of course) and conversely seeing on facebook that someone went and voted 'no' to negate someone else's yes.

Anyway, I'm going to shut up for now.