Checking In

My webcam isn't the best for taking pictures of hair (you can barely see it unless I have excellent lighting, it just looks like a dense cloud of black foam) and my camera, which has a jaw dropping 6 megapixels to boast, unfortunately neglected to bring it's cable along. Or maybe I did, I forget. In any case, as I haven't posted in a while I thought I'd just tell you some stuff about my hair in general.

I've been transitioning - well, it started off as a relaxer stretch but hey ho - 3 months and a bit now as of the 23rd March. And it is beginning to annoy me. Not enough for me to go all the way and chop all the relxed ends off but enough for me to serious consider it. I got a low cut in sixth from about 2 years ago and I tried and failed to find the pictures on facebook but I must have deleted them, how stupid of me. I'm scared I'd cut it off and it would take FOREVER to get to a length where I felt I looked acceptable. I guess I'll just see how it goes.

In other hair news, I'm accidentally becoming a bit of a product junkie. I think I caught it in the bud but I'm currently the proud owner of almond, vatika, lavender, eucalyptus and castor oil, lush r&b, rose water, aloe vera juice, organic root stimulator carrot oil cream and their hair mayonnaise too. Luckily the holiday is coming up so when I go home I'll force myself to mix up and use what I've already bought and more importantly, use it up, before I buy anything else.

Can't think of anything else interesting to say right now so I'll stop now.

Hope you're having a great week!

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