Dry hair BEGONE

Well that's the idea anyway. I co-washed my hair with Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner and did something new with my leave-ins! This is what I do with my Friday evenings (I know I'm way cool).

It wasn't my idea though; the technique is outlined here at the wonderful Anyhoo what you do is apply a water based leave in and immediately follow it with a creamy one and then seal this with oil. My hair is generally kind of wiry feeling and since I don't really know my texture yet I kind of thought that was normal...

This is an experiment to see if it's at all possible for my hair to cottony soft. At the moment i have high hopes but we shall see. I used Naked Miracle worker as my water based leave in - Naked is a good brand all '97% natural' and against animal testing so I was keen to give it a try - and Lush R&B for creamy. My hair really liked R&B on it's own early in my transition but I guess hair has it's whims. Oh and I sealed with castor oil because I'm unwilling to gouge into my new bottle of Vatika oil tonight. Coconut oil should always be sold in jars. The bottle I bought is really small and cute though so it's hard to stay mad at it.

I can''t wait for my hair to dry so I can admire its downy softness see if this technique has worked out for me.

In other news I am utterly failing at NaNoWriMo and am going on a Alpha course retreat tomorrow which should be interesting. NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write a fifty thousand word novel in the month of November... I got close in college with about thirty but this year I'm dragging my heels at a measly three thousand.

The Alpa course is for atheists, agnostics and new Christians to better understand the religion. Predictably it's brought up more questions than it answers. But I'll see how it goes. I'm a spiritual journey and all that malarkey.

I think I'm going to stop writing now.


This weave is coming off...

I'm really fed up with my hair at the moment... I guess the minute I take this off I'm going to regret it. I'm still transitioning and I'm at the 10 month mark now so I should be glad of the respite. I'm torn between doing it right now (4.30am like a boss) or waiting until after lectures.

Decisions decisions.

I've been neglecting this blog. In future I'll be blogging at the very least weekly.

But anyway I'mma get this mess off my head today I'm sure of it.