I'm now fully natural (ish)

Hello everyone!

I've horribly neglected this blog (November; whoops!) but I'm going to blog a lot more now. To be fair I wasn't really doing much with my hair at that time; despairing that I couldn't get my relaxed ends to conform to what I wanted and more often that not just whacking a scarf on my head so I didn't have to think about it.

Well no more! I cut as much of the relaxer off as I could - from the front and sides anyway since I cut myself with my scissors when I wasn't paying attention (shut up you it isn't funny) and then stopped - when I took out my braids and so far I like what I see! From what I can tell my hair is pretty healthy and it's actually soft. Wonder of wonders.

So I BC'd 27/2/12 seeing as I feel I should write it down for future reference. ^_^ My last relaxer was on the 23rd December 2010 so I transitioned for over two years... Never conquered transition styles in that time unfortunately. :/ Everyone makes it look so damn easy but I clearly am neither handy nor dandy with these things.

Not very long yet but I will wait and see! I've seen pictures from when I was young and springy and my hair was huge so I have high hopes. Currently I have a bantu knot out setting on my head for bed. Last time I tried this on my transitioning hair it was failtastic - the curl didn't set in the relaxed portion at all so it just looked limp and weird. We shall see.

I also realised I have no pictures of my hair on the site, another huge fail. I will remedy this when I think my hair is suitably good/bad looking to show you. If you aren't going to be impressed or appalled it's a waste of both our time right?

'Til next time sports fans.

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